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VIDEO: An introduction to the Evans Scholarship in Colorado


Bagging Scholarships

12 Colorado caddies awarded full tuition and housing Evans Scholarships

By Gary Baines - 1/30/2018 

The words "life-changing" are sometimes thrown around casually. But when people use them when speaking of the Evans Scholarship for caddies, they never seem to ring hollow.

It was a nice bit of symmetry for Randall Thompson. Two weeks ago, he was among those in attendance at Denver Country Club for an Evans Scholars Selection Meeting, helping interview the caddies who were finalists for the college scholarship.

Fifty years earlier, Thompson was on the other side of the questioning. He also was a finalist for the Evans Scholarship at a Selection Meeting at Denver Country Club. The difference was, back then in the late 1960s, Thompson remembers about 15 people attended the meeting, whereas this year it was about 110. -READ MORE