Juliet Miner

CGA Co-President

Juliet Miner is a criminal defense attorney in Castle Rock. She lives with her husband Butch and two cats Percy and Oscar. Juliet graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Japanese, Library Science, and Law. Juliet served in the United States Army Reserve during law school. She moved to Colorado in 1983. Juliet is an avid golfer and regularly logs 100 plus rounds per year. She learned golf at age 14 from her father in Nevada, Iowa at Indian Creek Country Club, a local nine-hole course. In Colorado, she belonged to Perry Park Country Club, where she was the Club president 1992-1994. She also participated in the Ladies Group and was A team captain. She has belonged to Inverness, Patty Jewett, Wellshire, and is now a member at Bear Dance. She also belongs to the CSSWGA. The highlight of her golfing career was caddying for her pro Stephanie Martin on the Ladies European Tour (LET) in Italy and Germany. Her second favorite memory is waiting seven hours at the starter's shack in St. Andrews before she finally got out on the Old Course. Juliet believes that golf is a great way to network for business and life and has enjoyed all the opportunities it brings for friendship and camaraderie.