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We are getting you "Ready for the 2019 Rules" every Monday for 18 weeks!
Here you'll find the complete CGA video series explaining the changes coming in 2019.

CGA "Ready for the 2019 Rules" Video Series

WEEK 1: Marking your ball on the green

WEEK 2: The flagstick

WEEK 3: Line of Putt

WEEK 4: Dropping the ball

WEEK 5: Club length

WEEK 6: Divots

WEEK 7: Bunkers

WEEK 8: Hitting equipment & poor shots

WEEK 9: Searching forlLost balls

WEEK 10: Kicking ball during search

WEEK 11: Embedded ball

WEEK 12: Match play

WEEK 13: Teeing ground

WEEK 14: Broken Club

 View our 2018 vs. 2019 chart of Rule updates