Requirements to Apply

The Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy is a unique caddie program in that caddies are paid through an educational grant and not directly by the golfer. Because of this payment structure there are requirements kids must meet in order to be accepted into the Solich Academy.

  • Age - kids are accepted into the Academy on completion of their 8th grade year in school (after two years in the Academy kids will be placed into another caddie program in the Denver Area)
  • Academic Excellence - kids are required to hold a minimum GPA of a 3.0 (report cards will be requested when kids apply)
  • Financial Need - Family income should be around $80,000 or less
  • Work Ethic and Attitude - kids who are accepted into the Academy do not need to have any background in golf but they do need to have a great work ethic and positive attitude

Requirements Once Accepted

If the kids are accepted into the Solich Academy they must complete monthly requirements in order to receive their educational grant of $400 for the month.

  • Loops - kids must complete 12 loops a month and 36 loops by the end of the summer
  • Leadership Classes - kids must attend weekly leadership classes which are held on Mondays from 1pm-2pm
  • Volunteer Hours - kids must volunteer for 2 hours a month and 6 hours by the end of the summer (they can volunteer with one of our development programs at CommonGround or another organization)
  • Work Log - kids must complete a monthly work log that documents what they learned while caddying, in leadership classes and volunteering